Introducing Knit Wear

Knitting is another crafting habit I've inherited from my mother. I've explored a handful of patterns and techniques and still don't fully understand how the result of such a simple process doesn't completely unravel. A system of knots changing in scale and depth - bizarre. 

For those of you who mildly dabble like myself, I highly highly recommend Super Stitches Knitting - a visual library of over 300 patterns. It allows you to pick and choose your design preemptively planning your project without having to knit a couple inches only to decide you don't like the result.

Exploring this book and testing patterns is both fun and confidence building. I found over time however I had piles of random knits stacking up, it was time to actually give them purpose.... introduce "Tiny Tot Leg Warmers" (e.g. baby/toddler leg warmers, boot liners, child/teen arm warmers, bottle cozies, etc.)