A Year in Review

Adult life has never felt so real.

One year ago, I had just completed an exhausting and culturally humbling work trip in Russia. The media both under and over exaggerating the circumstances. With colleagues just miles away as a proxy, we learned quickly the extreme disparities from neighborhood to neighborhood. Was the city "prepared" to host?! My room had been built just weeks prior in the basement of a seaside bed and breakfast ... sounds fabulous. Queue sob story: my room had a healthy ant population, no locks on the windows, gasoline-infused plumbing which I just had to learn twice. Once when I chugged a glass at 3am like an idiot and puked on the bed. Secondly, when I complained to the front desk - "it's safe, just don't get it on your face." We were beyond thrilled for the Park to open simply to count on a meal that day.  All wellness aside, the experience was both dire and obvious, extreme and beautiful (look at that view?!), terrifying and friendly. Happy to have had; happy to be home.

My roller-coaster in Sochi was immediately followed with a swift stealing of my father, years before his time. In our profound loss I know he fought a great battle, teaching us all along his journey. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 11.36.46 AM.png
Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.

By July we were on the move. Brett accepted a position at Jolby & Friends - a kind and supremely talented brotherhood. We learned the hard way how overpopulated our new city was. After loosing 10x of rentals, we bought Ole his own backyard! We packed up our lives and trucked it across the country. A week later and on my birthday, we received the keys to our first home.

In September we learned another valuable lesson: when planing a wedding, make sure you budget in airfare to actually get home for said wedding... Surrounded by big hearts, Brett & I exchanged vows on the shoreline of my families property in Waupaca, WI. My little smart-ass brother was there to walk me down the isle as Papa Cronce orchestrated the skyline. The forecast called for thunderstorms and high winds all day; Mark wouldn't allow it.  We partied into the night at the Indian Crossing Casino. The historical relevance of that building, that town, the cabins - a perfect crossroads of my past and my future. <3 you Brettie. Oh PS - ... Ellagraph Studios! 

I closed the year off with another humbling work trip; another fabulous team accomplishment!

And with that, Hilda is ready to take on another year. (You wouldn't believe how many projects I've archived that are busting out of the closet.) Continue to grow and heal through making - sincerely your adult life.

On the move...

Hilda's workshop has relocated to Portland, OR. My fiancé has joined the team at Jolby & Friends, and as my "finance," he also found our first home. I'm beyond excited to join the handmade culture out west.

Thank you Midwest, you raised me well.

 Starbuck, MN near Arne &amp; Carol Stoen's sheep farm.

Starbuck, MN near Arne & Carol Stoen's sheep farm.

Baby's New Blankie

May 30th welcomed a very special baby into the world, just in time for Father's Day. Beyond excited to celebrate Hilda-style with one of my closets friends. Congratulations Adam, may Steven love drooling all over his first quilt.


A trip to Portland isn't complete without a visit to Powell's book store. You'll usually find me with all the blue hairs, in the quilting section. Great finds this trip. 

I support the fibers arts and general hobby enthusiast however and wherever their creativity takes their craft. But I can't understand the extreme over saturation of crap fabric prints, cheap materials and "quick-fix" "easy-no-sew" educational attitude.

This used copy of The Great American Log Cabin Quilt Book, which was published in 1984, has exactly the opposite attitude. With only 17 pages printed in color, it's amazing the level of detail, instruction and exploration the author finds in constantly reinventing on singular pattern.  

Introducing Knit Wear

Knitting is another crafting habit I've inherited from my mother. I've explored a handful of patterns and techniques and still don't fully understand how the result of such a simple process doesn't completely unravel. A system of knots changing in scale and depth - bizarre. 

For those of you who mildly dabble like myself, I highly highly recommend Super Stitches Knitting - a visual library of over 300 patterns. It allows you to pick and choose your design preemptively planning your project without having to knit a couple inches only to decide you don't like the result.

Exploring this book and testing patterns is both fun and confidence building. I found over time however I had piles of random knits stacking up, it was time to actually give them purpose.... introduce "Tiny Tot Leg Warmers" (e.g. baby/toddler leg warmers, boot liners, child/teen arm warmers, bottle cozies, etc.)

Hover Craft MKE 2013, Event Recap

Being accepted as a vendor was a major accomplishment, producing 100+ products on top of my full-time career workload was a major feat.

Thank you to all the local-yocals that come out during a beautiful Wisconsin blizzard to support the launch of Handmade by Hilda.